dscn1163-1.jpgBel Abbés NEDDAR

Current  position: Associate Professor/ Researcher in Applied Linguistics

- Director of the DSPM Research Lab :

- Editor-in-Chief of the English Lingua Journal :

Affiliation Department of English, University of Mostaganem, ALGERIA.

Recent position:  Professor in Applied Linguistics                                   

Affiliation Graduate School of Human and Enviromental Studies, Kyoto University, JAPAN.

Proof reader: Asian ESP Journal


The International Journal of Applied Linguistics, Wiley Publishing ENGLAND                                                                                                                                                                      https://www.

- The International Journal for 21st Century Education, University of Cordoba, Spain

- The International Journal of Language and Applied Linguistics, _id=2


 I studied TEFL at the University of Es-Senia, (Oran, Algeria) before doing an MA in TESOL at the Institute of Education, University of London under the supervision of Prof. Emeritus Henry Widdowson. I did my Doctorate thesis at the University of Mostaganem (Algeria) on Applied Linguistics. 


Selected conferences:

-  " A linguistic model of narrative writing " in International Conference on ‘Paralittératuresdu Maghreb : réalités et usages de la paralittérature de langue française du Maghreb’ University of Mostaganem , Algeria, 19-20 April 2006

- " The Convergence of Meaning and the Interlanguage Knowledge" in Colloque international on Construction du sens et acquisition de la signification linguistique dans l’interaction, University of  Nantes (France), 26-27 November 2007

 - " The Need for Intercultural and Sociopragamtic Competence in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching" in International Conference on Intercultural Communication in the European Context,  Ɫodź Academy of International Studies, Ɫodź (Poland), 8-9-10 June 2009

 - " Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Information in EFL Algerian Textbooks" in The 4th International Conference in Intercultural Pragmatics, Corpus and Language Nature Project Madrid (Spain), 15-17 November 2010

 - "Short Notes on Discourse, Interlanguage Pragmatics and EFL Teaching: Where do we stand?" in the 4th World Conference on Educational Sciences, University of Barcelona (Spain), 4-5 February 2012

 - “Teaching English Pragmatics in Lingua Franca Contexts: From Rules of Appropriateness to Interaction Strategies” in the 5th International Conference of English as a Lingua Franca, Boğaziçi University,Istanbul (Turkey), 24-26 May 2012

- " French and the Teaching of Languages in Algeria: Between the Said and the Unsaid" in Congrés d'Automne 2012 de la Societé Japonaise de didactique du Français : Expériences Pédagogiques en Afrique Francophone et au Japon. Kumamoto University (Japan). 10-11 November 2012

- " Globalisation and Multilingualism: All Languages are Equal, but English is More Equal than the Others" in 41st International Exchange Seminar of the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University (Japan), 29 November, 2012 Link:

- "The Myth of the Tower of Babel and Multilingualism in Algeria" in the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Linguistic Policy (JALP), Kyoto University (Japon), January12th, 2013.

- "The Teching of Languages in Algeria and Linguistic Policy: Towards a multilingual world" a conference given at The Institute of Foreign Languages/Research Centre for Higher Education, Kanazawa University (Japan), January 22nd, 2013  Link:     

- " Why Blaming Me if You Just Don't Understand what I Mean: A Cross-cultural Pragmatic Approach to Communication and Linguistic Mediation in SPANGLISH" in the First National Conference on Mediating between Language and Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Approach , University of Mostaganem (Algeria), January 27th-28th, 2015.

- " Official Pedagogy, Foreign Language Teaching and Literacy: A Functionalist Perspective" in the Third International Conference on The English Speaking World and the Others, Higher Education: Doubts and Directions., Univrsity of Mascara (Algeria), April 28th- 29th, 2015.

- "The Potentiel Relevance of Literature as a Use of Language in the EFL/ESL Classroom" in the First International Conference on Applied Lingusitics and Foreign Language Teaching, University of Tlemcen (Algeria). Ovtober 20th-21st, 2015.

- " Gleaning the Islamic Concept of Gender Equality from the Quran and Sunnah: Islam a Misogynist Religion?" in Mostaganem University First  International Conference on Women, Empowerment, Citizenship and Development in partnership with the University of Mancherster (England), Centre for dvanced Study of the Arab World (CASW), 02-04th November, 2015.

- "The notion of meaning in Chomsky's and Halliday's Linguistics: Contrasting Views" in The first meeting of University Blida 2 The Relevance of the Compartive Approach , 01.02.2016.

- "Pinter's Absurd Drama: When Language is Tweeked to Mean" in Diagnosing Contemporary British Society, University of Mostaganem (Algeria), 06.05.2016.

- "Who are these Persons Speaking? Language Use and Identity: A functional systemic perspective in The 1st National conference on Identity and Belonging: Considerations, chalenges and prospects University of Mostaganem (Algeria), 18-19.04.2017.

- "The 21st Century ELT Classroom: Some pedagogical issues" in A study day, University of Blida 2 (Algeria), 30.04.2017.

- "EFL, Globalisation and the Need for Interculturalism and otherness" in the 13th Colloque International: LA place et le role dans l'interculturel dans l'apprentissages des langues sur les deux rives de la méditeranée, University of Oran 2 (Algeria), 13-14.05.2017  

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