1. Interview:

- June (2011). “ Interculturalité, globalisation et plurilinguisme: citoyen du monde » interview published in Manifeste du Multilinguisme. Kyoto (Japon): University Press  Published in Japanese. ISBN 978-4-87698-568-5

2. Articles in journals:

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- June (2017). " Language as Evolving: Some Introductory Notes to Halliday's Systemic Functional Linguistics". In Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Vol no 34 Institute for Science and Education.PP. 58-72

3. Articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings:

- November (2010). “Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Information in EFL Algerian Textbooks” 

4. Seminar Booklet:

- September (2013).  When the World Spoke Arabic. The Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies: University of Kyoto. A seminar course, given at the University of Kyoto, JAPAN on the achievments/ expansions of the Islamic World in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

5. Chapter in book:

- March (2011). “The Need for Intercultural and Sociopragmatic Competence in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching”in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Intercultural Communication. ed by A. Bedmarek et and Witczak – Lisiecka, I.  Poland: WSSM. PP 77-88, ISBN 978-8360902-25-7

6. Book:

-  April (2004).  Schema, Discourse and Foreign Language Teaching : An Introduction  Edition Ibn Khaldoun: Oran. (Algeria)  ISBN  9961-31-023-3, dépôt légal 0565-2004

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