Research Interest

My primary research interests lie in interlanguage pragmatics, in particular the development of learners' pragmatic awareness and productive pragmatic competence in second/Foreign language contexts. I am also interested in researching methodological innovations in interlanguage pragmatics, especially in developing ways of eliciting data that are more contextualised and show more characteristics of naturally occurring data than speech collected with traditional DCTs. My further research interests include  cross-cultural pragmatics, pragmatics in ELF contexts,  intercultural communication and discourse analysis. During the last two years, I'm involved in the spread of the English language and its consequences. I'm also doing a lot of readings on Systemic Functional Lingusitics, a topic on which I have recently published two papers.

 Overall, I will say that in my field of inquiry, i.e., Applied Linguistics, pragmatics and second/foreign language teaching are areas where my personal and professional interest intersect. I know that I have, to quote Robert Frost, still "miles to go and promises to keep" before I would be able to claim, one day, that I'm an applied linguist. I still think that I'm not. So help me God!







Last edited: 01/08/2017

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